Knowing well that it cannot carry out this task alone, St. Xavier’s College, which is administered by the Catholic minority community,St. Xavier's College reaches out to all people of goodwill, without any distinction of caste or creed, in an attempt to make them active partners in this mission. More concretely, the college aims to train young men and women who would grow up as creative leaders and responsible citizens, committed to the vision and mission enunciated above. The college believes that by promoting holistic growth – intellectual, emotional and moral and growth – of the student it shall form men and women committed to and confident of promoting these goals. Therefore, every effort is made to see that the students become intellectually equipped, morally upright, socially committed and spiritually awakened to God’s presence in the world, so that they will turn out to be creative and responsible leaders of tomorrow.


Christian doctrines and values provide the foundation of the formation that is offered here, and Christian perspectives illuminate and direct its activities and projects. In the execution of these activities St. Xavier’s College, which draws its inspiration from Jesus Christ, aspires to reach the ideal of St Ignatius encapsulated in the catch word magis, meaning “better than the best” and align with the definite stand taken by the Society of Jesus with regard to the apostolate of education all over the world – a stand inspired and molded by a document on Jesuit education prepared in 1986 by the International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education (ICAJE).