St. Xavier's College Nevta LogoThe crest consists of a shield divided into three parts and a banner. The motto on the banner “Empowering Leaders of Tomorrow” expresses the immediate goal of the college. To progress towards the final goal of a perfect universal order, free from ignorance or inequalities or hunger or sorrow or pain, we need selfless, enlightened leaders with a universal vision and with compassion in their heart. The motto expresses the desire of the college to form such leaders and empower them with the appropriate attitude and necessary skills.

The peacock at the upper left part of the shield is the national bird of India. It symbolizes beauty, grace, natural resources, cultural diversity, and a sense of mysticism inspiring us to aim for higher values.

The torch at the upper right of the shield is a manifestation of the positive values that people have always associated with the symbolism of fire: divine presence, removal of impurity, showing the way, warmth, igniting passion to bring out change, and knowledge that dispels the darkness of ignorance. Used during the run up to the Olympic Games the torch is a symbol of the harmony and goodwill. The torch invites the Xaverians to become fires that kindles other fires so as to set the world aflame with the positive values they received at the portals of the college.

Placed at the lower part of the shield is the monogram of the Society of Jesus. It is an abbreviation of the name of Jesus written in Greek. The cross standing on the letter 'H' proclaims that Jesus Christ died on the Cross for the salvation of humankind.